Counterfeit Campaign

Morningstar has launched a campaign against counterfeit manufacturers to protect customers at home and abroad.

Morningstar Corporation, a world-leading supplier of solar charge controllers & inverters—today launched a multi-faceted program to protect against the distribution of counterfeit Morningstar products by unauthorized manufacturers, distributors and sellers. With over two million units installed, in over one hundred countries around the world, Morningstar has a reputation for delivering the industry’s best portfolio of solar charge controllers & inverters. The effect of unauthentic products in the market has been noted and the company is taking steps to halt further fraudulent business practices originating in China. The newly launched program will emphasize customer awareness, validation methods, securing software, packaging updates and other best practices.

Counterfeit product directly impacts the interests of Morningstar customers:

  1. Safety: These counterfeit manufacturers use Morningstar’s certification logos of safety without actually testing and certifying that these ‘fakes’ are appropriately rated. These safety certifications include, but are not limited to:
    • UL 1741 and/or UL 458 Listed
    • IEC 62109
    • CSA C22.2 (No. 107.1-01 and/or No. 213-M1987) Listed
    • FCC Class B Part 15 Compliant
    • NEC Compliant 5.CE / RoHS Certified

    NOTE: These products, if not truly tested and rated as certified, may cause burning, explosions and other potential property damage, and even loss of life.

  2. System Performance & Reliability: Counterfeit product adversely affect overall photovoltaic (PV) system performance and reliability. Customers who purchase these counterfeit products expect them to work as specified. In addition to operating below their specifications, they can also affect overall system performance and reliability, and can cause damage or shorten the operating life of other PV system components, such as the battery bank.

We are also asking our customers to help be our “eyes and ears” in the global PV marketplace in helping to combat these illegal activities.

  • Only purchase Morningstar products from authorized Morningstar distributor, dealer and/or installer. If you are unsure if the seller is authorized by Morningstar, please contact us for confirmation.
  • Please report to us any “Morningstar” labeled products that you suspect may be counterfeit. Reasons for being suspicious may include a selling price that is significantly lower than that what is typical in the market and/or an unknown seller, who is new to the PV market and aggressively marketing on-line.
  • Please send your counterfeit market intelligence to us at [email protected]