ESP Program and Custom Settings (Open Loop) and BMS Closed Loop Setup

Energy Storage Partner Program

 A team effort, ESP includes best practices, and provides system designers and installers with as close to a “plug and play” solution as possible when adding energy storage to a solar electric system or upgrading an existing one. 

With over eight lines and 30 models of charge controllers for specific applications, and over 30 years of proven reliability in the category, Morningstar is widely recognized as the industry’s leader in charging technology and the first choice for mission-critical systems. ESP benefits for installers, system designers, and others include:

  1. Confidence that your battery and devices are set up properly. 
  2. Easier and faster installations: charge and other controller settings are pre-determined, documented, and published for specific battery and Morningstar controller models
  3. ReadyRail accessory integration for the GenStar MPPT controller: Battery Management System (BMS) monitoring and closed loop charging control (ReadyBMS) or battery monitoring (ReadyShunt).  
  4. Peace of mind with lithium batteries which comes from assured compatibility between batteries and other system components
  5. With existing energy storage systems, a fast, safe and reliable path to upgrading with lithium technology batteries with a comprehensive, approved Integration Guides including all essential information for a “drop-in” replacement

Morningstar is now providing two different options for lithium battery charging: 

  • Custom Settings Integration (Open Loop) 
  • Closed Loop Setup (BMS Data & Control)

Custom Settings Integration (Open Loop)

  • Uses custom settings for charge control 
  • Can be implemented with all types of batteries
  • Available for all Morningstar controllers that can be custom programmed for lithium batteries
  • Custom settings include voltage setpoints provided by the battery manufacture
  • Custom settings configuration files specific for each battery model and Morningstar controller supported with the ESP program are provided.
    • MSView for SunSaver MPPT, ProStar, TriStar product families
    • LiveView custom settings configuration files for GenStar product families

Add Battery Monitoring with Optional ReadyRail accessory products (GenStar MPPT controller only)

  • Morningstar’s ReadyBMS or ReadyShunt can provide precise Battery current, Ah and State of Charge (SOC) information.
  • ReadyBMS: BMS data monitoring and system control based on data from the BMS (coming soon). 
  • ReadyShunt: Battery Shunt Meter for battery monitoring, system control and allows advanced battery current based custom settings.  

Closed Loop Setup (BMS Control with GenStar MPPT & ReadyBMS)

  • Available with the GenStar MPPT when installed with the ReadyBMS accessory
  • The data connection with the ReadyBMS allows the battery’s BMS to control the target regulation voltage, maximum charge/ load current and disable charging/ load in real time.

Advantages of Closed Loop Setup

  • Improved charging control during absorption for high SoC with less stress on the battery
  • Simple Closed Loop Setup without the need for Custom Settings
  • Increased battery capacity
  • Maintains better health of the battery 
  • Battery data monitoring including State of Charge (SoC) and State of Health

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