Each month we host a live webinar featuring the latest in charge controller and inverter technologies. Attendees have the opportunity to engage directly with our engineers to learn about the latest innovations in off-grid solar, and have their questions answered directly by our team. 

From the March 5 webinar, Solar Systems for RV & Marine with Solarflexion.

Q: Are there portable arrays for RV caravans that I can deploy in the sun and quickly and easily connect to my RV that I park in the shade?

Yes, there are companies that make portable array kits, customized for your loads, that you can use for RV-Caravan and camping applications.  You can easily store them in your RV, and you can quickly deploy them in the sun away from your shaded RV.  These kits are generally made out of light weight plastic.  You can use dirt or stone to weigh them down and secure them in place, and run the wires from the solar array to your solar charge controller, which also connects to your battery and loads. For more information about a portable kit that will meet your load requirements, watch the full webinar, or contact Solarflexion.