Each month we host a live webinar featuring the latest in charge controller and inverter technologies. Attendees have the opportunity to engage directly with our engineers to learn about the latest innovations in off-grid solar, and have their questions answered directly by our team.

This month we answered your questions about how to quickly determine the charge rating, battery voltage specs, and load control capabilities of our SunSaver PWM controllers. This information is located in your controller’s datasheet or operation manual, but you can also find it by reading your controller’s SKU number.

Every SunSaver model has a unique SKU number depending on the unit’s charge rating, load control capabilities, and battery voltages that it supports.

For a Morningstar SunSaver controller with an SKU of  SS-10L-24V:

  • “10” indicates that the controller has a charge rating of 10 amps;
  • “L” indicates the unit has load control or low voltage disconnect functionality;
  • “24V” at the end of the SKU tells us that this model supports 24 volt battery systems.