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TriStar MPPT 60

TS-MPPT-60 Morningstar Charge Controller – Programming Setup

Video showing How To connect PC to charge controller for custom programming.

Wiring up a Leading Edge Turbine wind system that uses a Tristar and dump load: Part 2

Having configured the Tristar charge controller for Diversion mode – we look at connecting the Tristar to the batteries, the dump load to the Tristar and finally the wind […]

Remote Off-grid Access to Morningstar Controllers Video #1

This video is an introduction to communications with Morningstar Controllers and inverters. It is the first of a series of training videos offered by Morningstar to show How To connect […]

Morningstar String Calculator

Morningstar String Calculator

This video provides an overview on How To access and use the Morningstar String Calculator to help determine series and parallel PV module configurations so that they deliver necessary power […]

Web Monitoring For Morningstar solar controllers Tristar TS-45 60 MPPT-45 60 SunSaver SS-MPPT-15L

Presentation Video Solar Web Monitor for Morningstar charge controllers TS MPPT 45 60 SS-MPPT-15L

TriStar MPPT 60

Using Morningstar Live Data and MSView with a Tristar MPPT 60A solar PV controller… Morningstar provide some really neat free software to use with their solar PV charge controllers. And if you have the 60A version of the Tristar MPPT, then all you […]