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“The Morningstar
of Inverters”




The new SureSine off-grid inverter line is Morningstar’s response to the demand for “a Morningstar of inverters” built to the same high standards as the brand’s iconic charge controllers.  Six new models from 150-2,500W with 120 or 230V output and 12, 24 or 48V DC input options cover a wide range of applications requiring a high-performance, industrial-grade inverter.

  • Engineered for system-level integration and communication with Morningstar charge controllers, for more seamless system design and operation. Now system designers can specify “all Morningstar” in their projects
  • Wireless Android and iOS utility apps for set-up and monitoring with remote devices, plus Bluetooth communications
  • Multiple AC hardwire remote terminal options on selected models


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SureSine line uses industrial-grade build quality throughout, with models built around premium toroidal transformers for improved sinewave stability. Designed for the most demanding off-grid mission-critical installations

  • Superior thermal performance with fanless design means higher reliability– for example, the  300W model doesn’t derate until 45 C and delivers 200W at 60 C.  The small 150W model doesn’t derate even at 60 C!  That’s outstanding performance in their power classes.  
  • Full communications capabilities include: RS485, USB, Ethernet, MS-CAN, Bluetooth while using industry-standard MODBUS protocol.
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AC options include: hard-wire terminals for all markets and power levels, Type B for North America 150, 300, and 700W versions, and Universal for International 150, 300, and 700W versions

Wireless Android and iOS utility apps included for set-up and monitoring with remote devices

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>> Download SureSine Datasheet <<

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Features and specifications subject to change. Contact Morningstar for product availability.

“Industry’s FIRST Fully-Integrated solar DC charging system”


Genstar Product Line


GenStar MPPT is the industry’s first fully integrated solar DC charging system, an all-new design from the leader in charge controllers, with “lithium DNA.” All the most installer-requested features are on-board, including key communications and control functions.

  • Additional features can be easily added via Morningstar’s ReadyBlock expansion technology. Snap-in blocks provide battery metering and monitoring, signaling and load control, and lithium battery communications/control, making it easy to grow a system to meet future needs.
  • Three new models: GS-MPPT-60M-200V, GS-MPPT-80M-200V, GS-MPPT-100M-200V.
  • GenStar enables oversizing PV arrays to meet today’s need for larger systems, and also provides integrated load control—30 Amp capability, unique for controllers in this class.
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GenStar takes key features which, up to now, system designers and installers had to add-on as external devices and accessories, and “pre-builds” them into a single, fully-equipped and ready-to-go charging system.

  • No dongles, add-on “patch-corded” devices, or extras needed for system-level communications and control functions. GenStar comes with them, built-in and pre-configured.
  • An important step forward in convenience, performance and reliability for more advanced systems.
  • This makes GenStar the flagship for Morningstar’s new Integrated Series
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Future-proofed design: GenStar is upgradable through Morningstar’s unique ReadyRail architecture and snap-in ReadyBlocks, to seamlessly provide additional features and capabilities

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>> Download GenStar MPPT Datasheet <<

>> See GenStar Press Release <<

Features and specifications subject to change. Contact Morningstar for product availability.