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The Internship Experience at Morningstar Corporation

July 30, 2021

An internship at Morningstar should be meaningful work and provide the intern with both an opportunity to try out their learning as well as learn new skills not necessarily taught in the classroom. Before the search process even begins, we take a critical look at our slate of projects to ensure there are opportunities for an intern to make meaningful contributions to the project, and for us to provide mentorship and hands-on training.  

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Tech Tip: Avoid the Outer Limits

July 22, 2021

Operational stability and reliability of a solar power system is of paramount importance, especially for those located in remote areas. When equipment runs near minimum or maximum operational limits, system stability and reliability are compromised.

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From Our Webinar: Protecting System Components in Your Off-Grid Application

June 23, 2021

Does Morningstar recommend deploying fuses or circuit breakers in off-grid systems, and if so how are these sized?

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From Our Webinar: Portable Arrays for RV Caravans

April 19, 2021

Are there portable arrays for RV caravans that I can deploy in the sun and quickly and easily connect to my RV that I park in the shade?

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Customer Testimonials: How Morningstar Products Deliver in Tough Conditions

March 25, 2021

When tough conditions meet tough climates in systems with no room for failure, professionals turn to Morningstar products. Morningstar has been the trusted brand of choice for off-grid solar installations powering schools and communities in remote villages, off-shore oil rigs, and earthquake monitoring stations.  

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7 Tips for Sizing Your PV Array to Meet Your System Goals

February 22, 2021

Solar charge controllers offer a variety of input voltage windows. Let’s explore several examples of where making the right choices can not only prevent system problems but give you an advantage in your system’s performance and solve a few unique challenges!

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Our Customer-First Philosophy

December 11, 2020

At Morningstar, we aren’t in the business of claiming to provide exemplary support; we believe our clients are the only ones that can make such a statement. What we can do is work extremely hard at providing support that we ourselves would expect to receive. 

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Continuous product investment approach

November 17, 2020

Morningstar was a little ahead of the curve in 2003, but our commitment then and now is to design products that can react to the shifting needs and expectations of our customers. It requires forward-thinking in the design of the product itself, but more importantly it requires an ongoing commitment to “Sustaining Engineering” (SE).

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Company Culture: Our (Not So) Secret Sauce

October 9, 2020

At Morningstar, our (Not So) Secret Sauce revolves around the longevity of our employees, products, and customers and the transparency and honesty in all our interactions. 

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Take a video “deep dive” into Morningstar’s legendary charge controllers

September 19, 2020

Morningstar’s “secret sauce” isn’t really a secret– it’s a set of product and engineering principles and values unique to our brand. All this is why we’re happy to show you what’s inside a Morningstar. We’re confident that the deeper you look, the more you’ll agree with the leading solar installers and system designers who’ve made Morningstar “the solar charging experts”

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