Tech Tips

ReadyShunt Enables Accurate Battery State of Charge (SOC) Measurements

September 20, 2023

While battery voltage has been used for many years to approximate a battery’s state of charge, we recently produced and launched a ReadyShunt Block Kit that is used with the […]

Adjusting Charge Controller Settings to Battery Manufacturer Recommendations

September 6, 2023

Many consumers and installers indicate that they do not adjust their solar charge controller’s absorption, float, and equalization settings according to the batteries that they are using.  Hence they are […]

Tech Tip: Custom Programming for Lithium Batteries

May 18, 2023

Lithium battery applications were few and far between when Morningstar controllers became a standard used throughout the solar industry over the past decade.  While lead-acid was predominant, we made sure […]

Tech Tip: Basic System Sizing Design Concepts

July 5, 2022

Basic System Sizing Design Concepts By Steve Bell, Technical Support Specialist A couple of basic principles that form the foundation of system sizing are: Array to Load Ratio (ALR): a […]

Best Battery Chemistry for Off-Grid Solar Applications

April 29, 2022

Deep cycle batteries designed to provide consistent power for long durations should be used in off-grid solar applications. as opposed to starter batteries like car batteries that are designed for […]

Tech Tip: Design Factors for Lead Acid Batteries

March 2, 2022

Primary Design Factors for Lead Acid Batteries By Steve Bell, Technical Support Specialist In a previous Tech Tip, the relationship between proper charging and the life/performance of lead-acid batteries was […]

Tech Tip: Operating Principles for Lead Acid Batteries

November 15, 2021

Basic Operation Principles for Lead Acid Batteries By Steve Bell, Technical Support Specialist Batteries are one of the most important and most poorly understood components in an off-grid system. Because […]

Tech Tip: Avoid the Outer Limits

July 22, 2021

Operational stability and reliability of a solar power system is of paramount importance, especially for those located in remote areas. When equipment runs near minimum or maximum operational limits, system stability and reliability are compromised.

7 Tips for Sizing Your PV Array to Meet Your System Goals

February 22, 2021

Solar charge controllers offer a variety of input voltage windows. Let’s explore several examples of where making the right choices can not only prevent system problems but give you an advantage in your system’s performance and solve a few unique challenges!