Apollo Series

Designed for a wide range of standard telecom BTS and microwave relay sites, the Apollo Solar Series supports pure solar or hybrid (grid and/or genset) site powering scenarios. The typical installation has 3-20kW PV per site; systems also often serve “multi tenant” sites (multiple MNO or Virtual MNOs, for example).

The Apollo Series Remote Telecom Energy System is engineered for situations where reliability is paramount, 100% uptime is a requirement, and any minutes of downtime may incur costly penalties. It’s a fourth-generation powering system now built and backed by Morningstar—makers of the “worlds leading solar controllers and inverters.”

Key Features and Benefits

Remote Telecom Energy System
• Reduced CAPEX, through a base-level system with
optional features
• Comprehensive remote monitoring
• Internal rectifier & diesel generator control
• Easy installation in remote locations
Single factory-built cabinet for simple, clean, trouble-free installations
• Supports pure solar or hybrid (grid and/or genset)
• 500W-5000W loads, typical, (depending on radio and
telephony equipment on-site)
• Rectifier integration and automatic transfer switch options
for generator use
• Easily expandable to accommodate radio technology
upgrades or additional tenants when they increase
powering requirements
Minimize OPEX and Optimize CAPEX
• Reduce diesel costs to zero with solar
• Easy field upgrades as loads increase
Proven Remote Telecom (RTS) Site Power
• Over 1000 sites installed and operating
• From the leader in MPPT Charge Controllers since 2006
• Hybrid DG/solar or pure solar
• Smart control loads up to 2.5kW, PV/DG hybrid loads up to
20kW per cabinet
Complete energy system in an enclosed, weatherized cabinet
• Comprehensive remote monitoring
• IP66 enclosure is rated for weatherized use outdoors
• Factory-wired and tested in the USA
• 5 -year warranty