Dual-Energy Renewable Technology with Morningstar On-Board Helps Stricken Communities Recover and Thrive

Summary: PowerPanel’s innovative Gen₂O systems are changing the way disaster teams respond to crises, enabling populations at risk to access clean and hot water along with electricity even under the […]

Viridian Energy’s hybrid solar micro-hydro system on Vancouver Island using TriStars

Overview: A unique hybrid solar micro-hydro system on Vancouver Island, using Morningstar TriStar controllers, provides a technological showcase for the Viridian Energy Co-Op on Vancouver Island, B.C. It is a […]

Using Solar-Powered Flood Monitoring Systems to Make New York City Safer

Summary: Through a pilot program underway in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, solar design firm Voltaic Systems is working with NYC’s FloodNet cooperative to potentially bring greater security to neighborhoods throughout […]

Hakai Energy Standardizes on Morningstar

Summary: With projects covering Western Canada from Vancouver to the Arctic Circle, a diverse solar innovator standardizes on Morningstar for its smaller system requirements. Projects overview: a portfolio of data-driven […]

Solar-Powered Portable Turnstiles for Stand-Alone Access Control

Summary: Sensitive military and other installations — such as construction sites for hospitals along with fertilizer plants, solar array “farms,” and oil & gas facilities — require high-level security access […]

coreNOC System Connects Rural Community to Essential Services

Summary:  The lack of internet access in South American villages inhibits healthcare, education, commerce and cultural preservation opportunities for local residents. Together, coreNOC and Morningstar provided a high-speed, broadband connectivity […]

ECAMSECURE Solar-Powered Mobile Surveillance Units

Summary: Fueled by the rising cost of materials along with concerns about rising criminal activity, construction sites, retail locations, and other businesses are increasingly seeking effective surveillance systems. ECAMSECURE strives […]

Apeiron Remote Integrated Arctic Solar Solution

Summary When a tier-one telecom company sought to power a remote cell tower with clean energy, while tracking progress toward its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals, Apeiron Energy’s innovative […]

Solar Powered Helideck Lighting

Location: Brunei, Southeast Asia Year: 2019 Product: TriStar System size: ~<100 W of solar Partners include: Orga BV, Shell Jack-up platforms often serve as offshore hotels and heliports for workers […]