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Viridian Energy’s hybrid solar micro-hydro system on Vancouver Island using TriStars

Overview: A unique hybrid solar micro-hydro system on Vancouver Island, using Morningstar TriStar controllers, provides a technological showcase for the Viridian Energy Co-Op on Vancouver Island, B.C. It is a […]

Using Solar-Powered Flood Monitoring Systems to Make New York City Safer

Summary Through a pilot program underway in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, solar design firm Voltaic Systems is working with NYC’s FloodNet cooperative to potentially bring greater security to neighborhoods throughout […]

Hakai Energy Standardizes on Morningstar

Summary With projects covering Western Canada from Vancouver to the Arctic Circle, a diverse solar innovator standardizes on Morningstar for its smaller system requirements. Projects overview: a portfolio of data-driven […]

Solar-Powered Portable Turnstiles for Stand-Alone Access Control

Summary Sensitive military and other installations — such as construction sites for hospitals along with fertilizer plants, solar array “farms,” and oil & gas facilities — require high-level security access […]

coreNOC System Connects Rural Community to Essential Services

Summary The lack of internet access in South American villages inhibits healthcare, education, commerce and cultural preservation opportunities for local residents. Together, coreNOC and Morningstar provided a high-speed, broadband connectivity […]

ECAMSECURE Solar-Powered Mobile Surveillance Units

Summary Fueled by the rising cost of materials along with concerns about rising criminal activity, construction sites, retail locations, and other businesses are increasingly seeking effective surveillance systems. ECAMSECURE strives […]

Apeiron Remote Integrated Arctic Solar Solution

Summary When a tier-one telecom company sought to power a remote cell tower with clean energy, while tracking progress toward its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals, Apeiron Energy’s innovative […]

Solar Powered Helideck Lighting

Location: Brunei, Southeast Asia Year: 2019 Product: TriStar System size: ~<100 W of solar Partners include: Orga BV, Shell Jack-up platforms often serve as offshore hotels and heliports for workers […]