Creating a Sustainable Marine Experience in Greyhope Bay

Location: Aberdeen, Scotland
Year: 2020
Product: TriStar TS-MPPT-60 controller
System size: 6kW with a 48V, 900Ah battery bank
Partners include: JCE Energy

Torry Battery is a landmark artillery installation that has overlooked Aberdeen’s Greyhope Bay harbor since 1860. Today, it’s known for its spectacular panoramic views of the city and coast, as well as the largest bottlenose dolphins in the world. Conservationists wanted to renovate the Battery to create an educational marine center for the community with a zerofootprint, sustainable design. Based in the Aberdeen region, JCE Energy stepped in to provide a renewable solution to power the center plus a community space and cafe at the remote site. The system includes shipping containers equipped with rooftop solar arrays to charge batteries inside. Ultimate project goals include replacing the supplemental generator still in place with a wind turbine for a 100% green energy solution.