60 Amp Solar Charge Controllers

Browse the 60 amp solar charge controllers below to find the one that best meets your needs for your application. They have programmable charge settings, and all come in metered and non-metered versions. Unlike competitors, these controllers, and all Morningstar controllers for that matter, use a passive heat sink design rather than fans, which are parasitic loads that suck in dust and debris across circuit boards. The MPPT controllers below use maximum powerpoint tracking charging technology, so they can be installed with oversized solar arrays that exceed their charge ratings, but their Voc ratings must not be exceeded.

GenStar MPPT

Charge Rating: 60 | 80 | 100 | amp

Batteries: 12 | 24 | 36 | 48 | Volt

Max Voc: 200 V

Integrated Series , MPPT |

TriStar MPPT 600V

Charge Rating: 60 | amp

Batteries: 24 | 36 | 48 | Volt

Max Voc: 600 V

Professional Series , MPPT |

TriStar MPPT

Charge Rating: 30 | 45 | 60 | amp

Batteries: 12 | 24 | 36 | 48 | Volt

Max Voc: 150 V

Professional Series , MPPT |


Charge Rating: 45 | 60 | amp

Batteries: 12 | 24 | 36 | 48 | Volt

Max Voc: 30 | 60 | 90 | 125 V

Professional Series , PWM |

60 Amp MPPT & PWM Solar Charge Controllers

Millions of customers choose MorningStar’s 60-amp solar charge controllers for their larger applications due to their reliable performance and robust design.

The TriStar™ 60-amp Solar Charge Controller is an advanced three-function PWM controller designed for larger solar systems. It offers reliable PWM solar battery charging, load control, and diversion regulation, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability for your system.

The industry-leading TriStar MPPT™ 60-amp controller with TrakStar Technology is an advanced maximum power point tracking (MPPT) controller for larger off-grid photovoltaic (PV) energy systems up to 3kWp. This cutting-edge technology provides optimized energy harvesting, increased system efficiency and improved system performance.

The TriStar MPPT 600V™ 60-amp charge controller is a revolutionary advancement in charge controller design. With its ability to accept PV array input up to 600 Voc, it enables system designers to use fewer strings with longer runs, significantly reducing the amount of cabling and hardware required for installation.

The GenStar MPPT 60 AMP solar charge controller is designed to be the industry’s first truly “future-proofed” charging system, boasting best-in-class efficiency and extremely low self-consumption. Featuring our acclaimed TrakStar™ MPPT technology and fanless design, the new GenStars are designed to grow with a solar powering system as needs change.

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