Hybrid, Cost-Effective Oil & Gas Platform Powering System for the North Sea

Location: Danish sector of the North Sea
Year: 2016
Products: TriStar TS-MPPT-60 and TS-MPPT-45 controllers
System size: ~10kW for a 800W continuous load and a 24V, 4800Ah battery bank
Partners: JCE Energy

JCE Energy’s client sought a cost-effective system to supply power to telecommunications systems, navigation aid systems, bird deterrent systems, foghorns and other applications on its unmanned platform in the Danish North Sea. Operating on an unmanned platform in a remote location at sea, the system had to be fully operational without any human supervision, and sufficiently weatherized to withstand the harsh conditions of the North Sea. JCE also had to consider the weight of the system to accommodate transportation and loading onto the deck, along with compliance with the Hazardous Location Zone system. JCE engineered a Zone 1 hybrid power system comprising a Zone 2 wind turbine, solar panels and battery enclosures, accompanying Zone 1 battery isolators and a Morningstar controller. This system is fully autonomous, requiring minimal maintenance and generating significant cost savings. As a world leader in the design and manufacture of electrical control systems for hazardous areas, JCE Energy relies on Morningstar to help power critical applications in some of the most remote and harsh environments in the world.