Mining Companies Turn to Solar for Solutions

Application: Security and Instrumentation, Lighting, Industrial
Location:  Brazil, Chile, Peru, Angola, United States
Product: TriStar MPPT 60,  TriStar Meter 2, ProStar MPPT 40, SunSaver MPPT 15
System size: Mobile repeaters with deep cycle batteries from 110 Ah to 3,520 Ah (30+ sites)
Partners include: Trailers RD

Mining companies increasingly rely on solar energy to generate electricity at remote sites, which require reliable surveillance, communication and lighting for secure, continuous operation 24/7. 

Trailers RD-Minas specializes in renewable mining applications. It chose Morningstar products for more than 30 mining, construction, road and airport sites throughout North America, South America and Africa. These projects included mobile radio repeaters, surveillance cameras and light towers.

Minas’ engineering and Morningstar’s technology rapidly improves one of the world’s oldest industries to ensure that Brazil and other developing countries maintain their economic momentum.