Location: Mount Perkins Radio Site, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Arizona
Year: 2021
Products: TriStar TS-MPPT-60, TriStar TS-45, Relay Driver RD-1, Communications
Adapter (RSC-1), TriStar Digital Meters TS-M-2
System size: 5.84kW of solar and 1,075 Ah/48V battery bank
Partners include: SunWize, Commdex

The use of wireless communication is expanding rapidly both in the United States and across the globe. From critical government closed-loop communication systems to last-mile rural ISPs for end-users, wireless data transmission has become a critical layer of our industrial infrastructure. Wireless communications technology makes it possible to “leapfrog” the running copper lines and networks, greatly reducing the time and cost it once took to deliver services to remote users. Because of this, wireless infrastructure is often placed in rural or remote locations without access to grid power. Lake Mead National Recreation Area has a primary remote communication site located at Mount Perkins in Mojave County, Arizona. SunWize provided a hybrid system to power this equipment, consisting of a solar electric system and backup generator designed to support continuous operation of a 472W load. Output voltages of +12Vdc, +24Vdc, and -48Vdc accommodate different onsite equipment. Requirements include operation at temperatures up to 130° F, components rated to withstand 90+ mph wind speeds, PE stamps on drawings, adherence to applicable NEC and IEEE standards, UL-certified components, VRLA batteries, and SNMP communication on the controller. In addition to the Morningstar components used, battery charging from the solar array is complemented by x2 Meanwell DBU 3200 battery charging units providing 110A of rating input at 48Vdc. All equipment is contained within a compact, durable enclosure.

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