Location: Brunei, Southeast Asia
Year: 2019
Product: TriStar
System size: ~<100 W of solar
Partners include: Orga BV, Shell

Jack-up platforms often serve as offshore hotels and heliports for workers and visitors commuting by helicopter to and from oil and gas wellhead platforms. Aviation safety status lights are critical to operations, providing visual warnings to alert pilots whether a helideck is safe for landing. To simplify installation complexities, this critical warning light system often requires its own reliable and robust solar power system with high power availability, autonomous operation, and simple routine maintenance.

Orga BV provides dependable, effective status lighting systems powered by solar to meet the tough demands of these applications. One example is Shell’s Champion project. Orga chose to use Morningstar products because they are ‘fit and forget,’ reducing expensive service calls. They are also suitable for use in the potentially explosive environment.

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