Retrofitting Grid-tied Solar Systems for Backup Power

Using the TriStar MPPT Controller with DC Transfer Switch.

Most grid-tied solar systems will not receive power from their PV arrays during a grid failure. Fortunately Morningstar’s TriStar MPPT Controller with DC Transfer Switch enables a new and simpler way to retrofit backup power into an existing grid-tied PV system.

Watch the 3 minute video to see how Morningstar’s internationally recognized application provides a simple, clean, and economical solution to power your critical loads during a grid outage.

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“Morningstar’s DC Coupled backup solution for grid-tied solar systems is a game changer. Now people can use the PV array that they already paid for to create backup power when the grid goes down. This simple, clean, scalable approach has many advantages over generator and AC coupled solutions.” – Sequoya Cross, CEO, Backwoods Solar