Latest Developments Morningstar’s GenStar MPPT & ReadyBlocks as of November 2023

Special thanks to Chris Brown, AltE Store’s Chief Business Officer, for hosting and inviting Morningstar’s Brad Berwald to be the featured presenter in this webinar.  Brad provided a comprehensive look at the GenStar MPPT Integrated DC system controller’s new capabilities that offer sophisticated customization and comprehensive control over your entire off-grid PV system.  The GenStar MPPT is constantly evolving, and we’ve released several new software features that we want to tell you about including:

  • Newest firmware updates for the GenStar and Ready Block system accessories
    • New battery state of charge (SOC) feature in the Ready Shunt
    • SNMP protocol support
  • LiveView 2.0 integrated web app that offers a comprehensive system dashboard to monitor your entire system
  • Integrated Bluetooth monitoring
  • The Morningstar Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Lithium and lead acid battery charging options
  • Best practices to deploy your GenStar MPPT and ReadyBlocks to manage your loads, batteries, and enable complete system monitoring and communications