Recorded Webinars

  • Solar Systems for RV & Marine

    Solarflexion and Solar System Services join the Morningstar Team to present off-grid solar solutions for RV Caravans, Boating, and Marine applications. View this recorded webinar to learn about:
    • WAVE RV/Marine Kits
    • System design
    • Module tilting
    • Charge controller choices
    • Troubleshooting
    • System maintenance
  • Monitoring Off Grid Solar Systems with Morningstar and Zabbix

    Monitoring just got better with Morningstar and Zabbix open-source software. View the recording of this joint webinar to learn how to:
    • Monitor charge current, battery voltage, temperature and other metrics in your remote off-grid systems
    • Receive email and SMS notifications about potential system problems
    • Easily scale monitoring of small, medium or large number of off-grid systems
    • Improve trouble-shooting response time and resolution
    • Create customized dashboards, graphs, and rich visualization capabilities
    • Leverage free open-source Zabbix and its community support
  • Advanced Lithium Storage Made Simple by Fortress Power and Morningstar

    Fortress Power joins the Morningstar Team to talk about deploying lithium batteries in off-grid solar systems. Fortress offers a full line of lithium battery products to provide long lasting, reliable power for large and small residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Register for this joint webinar presented by Fortress Power and Morningstar to learn about:
    • Fundamental advantages of lithium storage technology, and the different chemistries available
    • Review of solar charging technologies
    • Overcoming “lithium anxiety” with customers
    • Pre-programmed settings for easy integration of a lithium-based storage system, or upgrading an existing solar system to lithium
    • And much more
  • Choosing the Right Solar Charge Controller Without Taking a Risk

    The solar charge controller has a central role in a solar photovoltaics application: it’s actually the “brain” of your system and, as such, requires precision matching to the rest of your components.  Josh Roelofs of Unbound Solar joined the Morningstar Team in this webinar to cover the steps you need to take to choose the right charge controller for your application.  View the recording to learn about:
    • Application requirements and considerations
    • Feature requirements and considerations
    • PWM controller sizing
    • MPPT controller sizing
  • Solar-Powered Security/Surveillance, Now More Than Ever

    Mike Postel, President of Connexa, joined the Morningstar Team in this webinar to talk about solar-powered solutions for security/surveillance applications. Security/surveillance systems are on track for record growth and this is a ground-floor opportunity for solar installers today. View this recording to learn about:
    • Common security applications
    • Power over ethernet
    • Communications
    • Data monitoring
    • Future trends
  • Advanced Features and Capabilities of Prostar Controllers

    View this recording to hear special guest presenter, Rob Rallo explain what makes the ProStar MPPT and PWM charge controllers both “the legend and the latest in a single product?” The webinar covered everything these advanced charge controllers have to offer including:
    • interactive meters that improve ease of use
    • electronic/environmental protections
    • system monitoring and troubleshooting
    • programmable settings to support different battery chemistries
    • advanced lighting capabilities
    • supported applications
  • Sistemas Solares Para Aplicaciones Industriales

    ¿Cuáles son las consideraciones para dimensionar y diseñar sistemas solares para aplicaciones industriales? ¿Es una aplicación que requiere alta confiabilidad y disponibilidad? La selección de componentes y su compatibilidad es muy importante para el buen funcionamiento de todo el sistema. Tres factores son clave: diseño, componentes e instalación. Únase a este seminario web para obtener más información sobre:
    • Consideraciones para dimensionamento
    • Componentes para sistema aislados
    • Compatibilidad entre controlador solar y batería
    • Condicionamiento y monitoreo en geografías difíciles
    • Casos de Implementation
  • Save Time–By Getting Off-Grid Right The First Time

    Morningstar and SunWize cover what you need to consider before designing and deploying your next off-grid system. Solar projects vary greatly depending on application, size, location, and other factors. We’ll review a “checklist” of variables you’ll want to pencil-in on your next project including:
    • Load considerations, types and sizes
    • Space/easement constraints
    • Array stringing and mounting options
    • Battery decisions
    • Charge controllers and inverters
    • Accessories for communications and generator start
  • The keys to success with lithium

    This joint webinar involving M+H Power, genZ Battery, and Morningstar covers the “latest and safest” technologies, practices and products—what you need to know to achieve lithium success in your new projects, or when upgrading existing ones. Learn about:
    • Fundamental advantages of lithium storage technology
    • Battery Management Systems, communications, and integration considerations
    • Review of solar charging technologies
    • Pre-programmed settings for easy integration of a lithium-based storage systems
  • Making lithium the affordable option with KiloVault Battery and Morningstar

    Watch this joint webinar between KiloVault and Morningstar to learn:
    • Advantages of lithium storage and specifically KiloVault’s Lithium Ferro-Phosphate (LFP) chemistry: longer cycle life with none of the safety, toxicity and sustainability issues found with other lithium types.
    • Review of solar charging technologies
    • KiloVault’s innovative line-up, from easily-deployable back-up and portable power units to the HAB wall-mounted integrated and scalable storage system
    • Monitoring and communications features including WiFi and Bluetooth
    • Pre-programmed settings for easy integration
    • And much more
  • Everything you need to know to design and size an off-grid telecom system

    Industry expert Rob Rallo, of Solar System Services, joins the Morningstar team to present a thorough system sizing example for an off-grid telecom application. You’ll learn how to build a highly-reliable system that will stand the test of time, with emphasis on:
    • Load array and battery sizing calculations
    • Accounting for system losses, future expansion and worst-case scenarios
    • Choosing the right charge controller based on industry-standard IEEE 1562 recommendations
    • Software and insolation mapping resources available to design a better system
  • Calculating solar strings? Do the webinar instead of doing the math!

    Why do things the old-fashioned way when we’ve done the homework for you? Especially if you have more productive things to do with your time than calculating off-grid solar string sizes for off-grid systems. Instead, invest an hour in Morningstar’s recorded webinar and learn to:
    • Figure out the optimum string sizing for your system—series, parallel configurations, load requirements, etc.
    • Find specifications for over 100,000 module brand SKU’s
    • Input custom module specifications
    • Access detailed power output results to find out how your module configuration will work with other components in your system
    • Learn the module configurations to avoid, because they could cause operational faults or even damage your charge controller.
    • Save and share output results with others
  • How to Avoid Load Overload

    This recorded webinar addresses solar charge controller selection and the benefits of often overlooked load control features to maintain battery health and improve system reliability in critical remote power applications. You will learn about:
    • Reliable load operation - what does that mean to you exactly?
    • Loss of Load Probability - what’s your tolerance and how big is your wallet?
    • When and why loads should disconnect
    • “Problem” loads and how to handle them
    • System monitoring—what can load consumption tell you about what’s going on at your site
    • Planning larger systems, adding generators, and much more
  • System Monitoring with Morningstar Products and SNMP

    View this recorded webinar to learn how select Morningstar products can be used with the Ethernet MeterBus Converter accessory (EMC-1) to enable SNMP.  You can monitor your solar power systems through the same popular software platforms that manage your network and IT equipment to:
    • Diagnose system health
    • Monitor the status of specific proprietary Morningstar product alarm and fault codes
    • Identify problems early to reduce or eliminate system downtime
    • Access powerful IT and network management tools including data analytics and graphic displays
  • Lithionics-Morningstar-webinar

    Going lithium? Don’t go without the code

    Morningstar and Lithionics have combined all our expertise into a new, one-hour webinar covering the advantages a UL-listed storage solution has for you and your customers. Don’t miss it! In it you'll learn:
    • A quick review of solar charging technologies for advanced storage chemistries
    • Lithionics’ advantages with a modular, expandable and external BMS with NeverDie® technology
    • Qualifying lithium’s “total cost of ownership”
    • The custom settings you need for easily designing a new advanced storage system or upgrading an existing solar system
    • How to overcome “lithium anxiety” with your customers, with a safer system design
  • Morningstar-NorthStar Battery joint webinar

    Solar-Powered Solutions for Commercial/Industrial Applications

    Dave Putman of Two Explorers, LLC--a leading representative of NorthStar Batteries--joins the Morningstar Team to present solar-powered solutions for commercial/industrial applications. Viewers of this video will learn about:
    • The differences between energy storage chemistries, and NorthStar’s advantages in proven lead-acid battery chemistry
    • Review of solar charge controllers, and Morningstar’s advantages when paired with various storage formats
    • The pre-programmed settings you need for easily designing a commercial storage system, or upgrading an existing solar system
    • Morningstar’s Energy Storage Partner program
  • Do You Have Battery Challenges? Discover and Morningstar Have Your Solution

    Learn how adding advanced storage solutions is just a click away in this fast-paced webinar presented by Morningstar and Discover Battery. You will learn:
    • The differences between energy storage chemistries, and Discover’s advantages in lithium with RUSH technology and SENTRY BMS design
    • Review of solar charging technologies, and Morningstar’s advantages when paired with advanced storage formats
    • The pre-programmed settings you need for easily designing a new advanced storage system, or upgrading an existing solar system
    • Working with Discover’s LYNK gateway to fully optimize lithium performance
  • Lithium Done Right with SimpliPhi and Morningstar

    Discover what you need to know to make lithium part of your business. Morningstar and SimpliPhi have done the homework for you, through the Energy Storage Partners program. During this webinar you’ll learn:
    • The differences between energy storage chemistries, and SimpliPhi’s advantages with non-toxic, non-hazardous Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) chemistry
    • Review of solar charging technologies, and Morningstar’s advantages when paired with lithium
    • Overcoming “lithium anxiety” with customers
    • Pre-programmed settings for easy integration of a lithium-based storage system, or upgrading an existing solar system to lithium
    • Working with SimpliPhi’s Core Power modular and scalable PHI battery series, with proprietary cell architecture, power electronics, BMS and assembly method
  • Advanced Lithium Energy Storage—think inside the box with Morningstar and Fortress Power

    If you want to learn about the safest, most secure ways to add lithium to your residential and commercial projects, one of the best places to start is the eVault from Fortress Power, a design/build innovator in Pennsylvania (and a neighbor of Morningstar.) During this webinar you’ll learn: 
    • Fundamental advantages of lithium storage technology, and the different chemistries available 
    • Review of solar charging technologies 
    • Overcoming “lithium anxiety” with customers 
    • Pre-programmed settings for easy integration of a lithium-based storage system, or upgrading an existing solar system to lithium 
    • And much more
  • Let Two Energy Storage Leaders Get You Ready for the Lithium Age

    Learn what you need to know to make lithium part of your business. Morningstar and Trojan have done the homework for you, through the Energy Storage Partners program. Learn how adding lithium storage technology is just a click away in this fast-paced webinar presented by Morningstar and Trojan.
  • Sizing Remote Off Grid Power Systems

    This joint webinar was presented by Wholesale Solar and Morningstar. During the broadcast you will learn how to properly size your batteries, modules and charge controller for your electrical loads. The webinar covered:
    • Load evaluations/considerations
    • Battery autonomy
    • Sizing calculations
    • String sizing tools
    • Choosing the right components and accessories for your off-grid system
  • The Key to a More Advanced Off-Grid System: The Relay Driver

    Special guest Rob Rallo explains how you can add Morningstar’s Relay Driver to your off-grid system and learn advanced techniques that will let you:
    • Control generator start and stop times
    • Get high/low voltage control alarms and alert notifications
    • Control Multi-event lighting beyond basic dusk until dawn settings
    • Reduce or even eliminate unnecessary system components
    • Prioritize loads based on need
  • Maintaining Healthy Batteries in Off-Grid Systems

    View this joint webinar by Rolls Battery Engineering and Morningstar to learn how you can add years of life to your batteries in off-grid systems. The presentation and answers to attendee questions will cover:
    • choosing the right type of battery and controller
    • installation and setup
    • setting the charging parameters
    • remote monitoring options
    • system sizing
    • maintenance
  • New Morningstar EcoBoost MPPT™ Solar Charge Controller

    Listen to this recorded webinar to learn about the EcoBoost MPPT solar charge controller that recently launched in January 2018. The EcoBoost MPPT is designed for off-grid residential, rural electrification, lighting, boating, and RV-caravan applications outside of the US and Canada. This new controller is an addition to Morningstar's Essential Series, and it is offered at a lower price point than other Morningstar controllers with comparable charge ratings. During the presentation, you will learn about: - USB ports for charging multiple cell phones - Lighting control - Interactive meters to adjust charge settings - Array oversizing - EcoBoost applications - Installing the EcoBoost in an off-grid system
  • Introduction To Off-grid System Design

    Morningstar's special guest, Jason Lerner of Remote Energy, shares a case study where he will talk about the steps he took to design an off-grid system to enable internet, radio and telecommunications capabilities at a remote site in Washington State. During the presentation, you will learn about: -
    • System sizing concerning solar arrays, batteries and controllers
    • Battery installation/maintenance best practices
    • Choosing the right charge controller
    • Monitoring and evaluating the system
    • And other tips to improve system performance
    This is an informative session for those involved with off-grid solar solar, regardless of the application.
  • Morningstar Solar Charge Controllers & Inverters

    Morningstar has been the world's leading supplier of solar charge controllers and inverters for over 20 years. This webinar is conducted each month to introduce individuals to Morningstar and off-grid solar. It is also appropriate for experienced professionals who are looking for a refresher, or to have their pressing questions answered by one of our engineers. Join this webinar to learn about:
    • Battery charging stages
    • Differences between PWM and MPPT controllers
    • Effects of oversizing PV arrays
    • Efficiency variations with output power
    • Electronic and environmental protections
    • Controller/inverter features and accessories
    • High voltage charge controllers
  • The New EcoPulse Solar Charge Controller

    View this webinar to learn about Morningstar's new EcoPulse solar charge controller. The EcoPulse is a pulse width modulation (PWM) controller designed for off-grid residential and leisure consumer applications outside of the US and Canada. Throughout the presentation you will learn about the controller's:
    • Adjustable charge settings
    • Low voltage disconnect
    • Lighting control
    • Environmental protections
    • LED indicators
    • Interactive meters
    • Charge and battery ratings
  • New ProStar™ Gen 3 PWM Solar Charge Controller

    Morningstar's new third generation ProStar PWM solar controller includes upgraded features while maintaining the same quality and footprint of previous models that have been installed in the world’s harshest environments since 1995. Join this webinar to learn about the new capabilities of this product including:
    • Enhanced custom programming via dip switches, meter, or computer
    • RJ-11 MeterBus port for serial MODBUS data or to add a remote meter
    • Lighting control
    • Up to 256 days of data logging
    • External RTS sensor terminal on the controller face
    • Protective terminal cover
    • Improved surge rating for heavy DC loads
    • Self-diagnostics
    • Low voltage load disconnect
    • Settings & firmware updates via meter
    • Compliance with IEC 62109
    • High resolution graphical display of system settings and metrics
  • Off Grid Battery & Charge Controller Best Practices

    Trojan Battery and Morningstar have been supplying battery and solar charge controller solutions for a wide variety of global off-grid applications for several decades. View this special joint webinar to learn more about best practices and years of shared industry experience regarding:
    • Charge controller choices
    • Adjusting battery charging settings
    • Remote monitoring of battery metrics
    • Data logging
    • Battery basics and maintenance
    • Flooded, AGM and Gel batteries
    • Ideal applications
  • Morningstar’s New Ethernet MeterBus Converter

    View this recorded webinar to learn about the new Ethernet MeterBus Converter which enables the addition of IP based network and internet connectivity to any Morningstar product that features an existing MeterBus port (RJ-11). You will hear about:
    • Remote configuration of controller settings
    • IP based MODBUS connectivity for remote communication and control
    • Displays of system status & log data directly from the EMC-1 to a webpage.
  • New ProStar MPPT Solar Charge Controller

    Learn about the New ProStar MPPT Solar Charge Controller from Morningstar. You will hear about lighting control, data logging and other capabilities and how you can adjust controller settings through the meter interface of this mid-range MPPT controller.
  • Retrofitting Grid-tied Systems with Battery Backup Using The TriStar MPPT 600V Controller With DC Transfer Switch

    View this recorded webinar to learn how the New TriStar 600V Charge Controller with DC Transfer Switch can be deployed with other components to retrofit existing grid-tied systems with battery backup power. The costs and benefits of this Direct DC Transfer Charging Solution are compared to other solutions such as AC Coupling. You will see why this internationally recognized product and application is scalable, easy to install, and represents the lowest cost of entry for battery backup in existing grid-tied systems.
  • Using The Right Charge Controller For Maximum Power

    This joint webinar between Morningstar and Sunwize Power and Battery provides information about several different Morningstar PWM and MPPT charge controllers that are used in a variety of different off-grid solar applications including Oil & Gas, Telecom, and Traffic Monitoring. The presenters also make key points about efficiency specifications, TRAKSTAR MPPT Technology, and the importance of good system design.
  • Solar Lighting Applications and Training

    Russell Borum, Sr. Account Manager with Morningstar shares his experience working on solar lighting applications throughout the world. During the webinar you will learn about: Different applications of solar lighting, choosing the right charge controller and programming an MPPT controller for lighting.
  • Update on Morningstar’s TriStar MPPT 600V Solar Charge Controller and GFPD

    This recorded webinar provides information about Morningstar’s TriStar MPPT 600V Charge Controller and Ground Fault Protection Device including: Efficiency ratings and product specifications, Reliability and quality factors that differentiate Morningtar’s products from others, MODBUS communications, Best practices concerning ground fault protection, and Use Cases. The Q&A session at the end of the webinar featured lively discussions about alternatives to AC coupling, ground fault detection, and string sizing.
  • TriStar MPPT Training Program

    Due to popular demand and much interest from our customers, we opened up our training archive … This in-depth webinar training module highlights the technological advantages and benefits of Morningstar’s advanced TriStar MPPT charge controllers. Check it out for yourself.
  • Morningstar SunSaver-Gen3 Solar Charge Controller Webinar

    For Off-Grid Installations … When Reliability & Performance Matter … From the more load sensitive Telecom & Instrumentation Systems, to the most environmentally harsh installations of Industrial Oil, Gas & Marine Systems—Morningstar’s SunSaver Solar Charge Controllers are the Proven Choice.