Solar Hybrid Fuel Cells for Remote Critical Power Applications

SFC Energy joins the Morningstar Team to share how their solar hybrid fuel cells are used to power remote telecom, mining, and other critical systems.  Register for this webinar to learn about EFOY fuel cells, solar arrays, charge controllers and other key components that make up a fuel cell solar hybrid system.  You will also learn about:

  • A quiet, green alternative to a genset (ESG Friendly Option)
  • A proven extremely reliable source of off-grid power
  • The components that make up a solar hybrid fuel cells system
  • Remote monitoring and data logging of battery voltages and solar vs. fuel usage
  • Competitive total cost of ownership
  • Examples of successful deployments in telecom and mining applications
  • Why these Hybrid systems are easy to deploy and maintain
  • The SFC Energy portfolio of solutions for a variety of deployments