What’s New About Off-Grid Solar in Hazardous Locations

Watch this joint webinar between SunWize and Morningstar to discover how new Hazardous Location certifications for solar charge controllers are impacting off-grid power systems at oil & gas sites.  The SunSaver MPPT, ProStar, and ProStar MPPT solar charge controllers have joined the Sunsaver PWM controller to achieve International, European, and North American certification markings (IECEx, ATEX, and UL/CSA).

This is a “game-changer” that provides hazardous locations throughout the world with:

  • Greater power from larger PWM AND MPPT charge controllers
  • More module configurations and array oversizing
  • Healthier batteries. AGMs are not throwaways!
  • Meter adjusted programmable settings
  • Lighting control in the hazard zone
  • Remote communications and data monitoring capabilities