Morningstar is pleased to welcome back Adam Kehlenbeck as Senior Staff Engineer. After a relocation and brief stint at Accion Systems, Adam rejoins Morningstar bringing 12+ years of product development experience and 8+ years of management experience.  At Accion, Adam led and managed the EE design team to develop compact, high-voltage DC/DC electronics for ion electrospray propulsion systems.

Experienced in multi-kW scale DC/DC and DC/AC power conversion for industrial environments and related regulatory considerations, Adam also specializes in mixed-signal PCB design and high-volume production. He is knowledgeable in all phases of electrical product design, manufacturing, and product lifecycle management processes. The Morningstar family is happy to benefit once again from his expertise and management skills.

Adam resides in Massachusetts with his wife and two cats.  He enjoys hiking, skiing, golf and global macroeconomics/finance.