Twenty-nine years ago today, Lee Gordon and Ken Gerken took their passion for solar energy and drive to succeed and decided to build a company. Only 25 percent of new U.S. businesses make it past the 15 year mark, and Morningstar is proud to not only have made it, but to have spent the last almost three decades growing into a company that truly cares about putting their customers and employees first. Over the last 29 years, Morningstar has grown to 46 employees, installed over four million solar controllers in over 100 countries, and now has thousands of customers who rate us the best in the business. 

Neither Lee nor Ken thought in 1993 that their business operating in a small 10 X 10 office in Olney, Maryland would become what Morningstar is now. Congratulations and thank you to everybody who is a part of the Morningstar team, as our work wouldn’t be possible without you.