By Beth Meyers, Human Resources Manager

Much has been written about company culture.  Google’s free food, nap pods, and 20% Time have been admired, analyzed, and critiqued.  I like to think culture is something deeper than perks.  It comes from a group of people working together over time from a shared passion, from an “all hands on deck” attitude when tough times hit.

At Morningstar, our (Not So) Secret Sauce revolves around the longevity of our employees, products, and customers and the transparency and honesty in all our interactions.  We are proud of our products and their reputation in the industry, we are proud of the talent and expertise of our employees, and we are passionate about creating and supporting products that ultimately help our planet.

With our company culture, as with our products, we are constantly striving for excellence.  Each new employee we hire helps us learn more and we welcome their suggestions.