Morningstar and SimpliPhi Power are working together to create efficient and reliable solar-plus-storage solutions built to endure harsh weather conditions. Together, the companies are helping to provide 24/7 power for a towable solar trailer for the Veteran Service Corps (VSC) in South Dakota. This solar-plus-storage system is now providing  electricity for refrigeration, lighting and an HVAC system within the trailer. This compact, high-powered storage system is being used by the VSC for local events and environmental emergencies and is also providing a way to educate communities on renewable energy. 

The goal of the VSC is to address systemic problems that affect underserved communities. They aim to build a more equitable and sustainable world by maximizing the talents of the veteran community through training and education. The VSC works in collaboration with the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe on community advocacy and pipeline prevention efforts. These energy storage solutions will enable them to grow their outreach efforts and achieve their sustainability goals.