In the category led by the brand since 1993, Morningstar Corporation sets a new reference standard for itself and others in the field, with the first-of-its-kind GenStar MPPT

February 14, 2023: Intersolar North America, Long Beach CA. Following its debut late last year, Morningstar Corporation is now in production of its revolutionary GenStar MPPT fully-integrated solar DC system controller.

The new GenStar line consists of three 200 Volt models ranging from 60 to 100 Amps and joins the illustrious line of Morningstar’s industry-leading solar controllers which includes the SunSaver, ProStar and iconic TriStar models.

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“As a key player in the evolution of the solar charge controller—something we’ve worked at perfecting over the past three decades—we’d never lightly use the term ‘revolution’ at Morningstar” noted CEO Lee Gordon. “But if any Morningstar product deserves the adjective ‘revolutionary,’ our new GenStar is it. It’s the culmination of everything we’ve learned in solar engineering and design in a single integrated platform, one that doesn’t need to be surrounded by a complex and clumsy ecosystem of add-on accessories to deliver peak functionality. GenStar is ready-to-go into any advanced PV/solar electric system right out of the box. It’s so ahead of the curve that we created a new class of products to describe it: the Morningstar Integrated Series.”

Added Bill Mellema, Morningstar’s Director of Product Development, “up to now integrators, installers and system designers have had to cobble-together a plethora of accessories, modules, and widgets—and create a rats-nest of cables and dongles to add them to a solar controller. We figured ‘if anyone can come up with a better way to integrate control into a system, Morningstar can.’ GenStar is the result—the industry’s first fully-integrated solar DC charging system.”

Continued Mellema, “We started with an all new design incorporating “lithium DNA,” acknowledging the future of energy storage and in keeping with the goal of delivering a truly “future-proofed” product. All the most requested key communication and control features are built-in. We designed-in the ability to oversize PV arrays to meet today’s need for larger systems, and provide integrated load control—30 Amp capability, unique for controllers in this class. GenStar has all essential communications, connectivity and network integration features built-in, without the need for wiring on adapters or outside equipment—it’s all built-in.”

“Along with the most requested features we gave GenStar the capability of being easily upgraded and expanded with new features and technologies, through our revolutionary ReadyRail architecture and ReadyBlock expansion line,” added Mellema. “That’s done through our unique ReadyRail architecture and ReadyBlocks, which simply snap-in to deliver any additional features and capabilities needed. For example, battery metering/monitoring and key measurements are enabled by a ReadyShunt. The ReadyRelay provides signaling and advanced load control, and the ReadyBMS delivers full communications and control with lithium batteries. With this innovative architecture, system designers need never worry about obsolescence or making the wrong decision with their initial investment. GenStar can grow as their needs evolve.”

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