This January, Morningstar distributors completed an Annual Partner Questionnaire to better evaluate 2014 performance. The responses Morningstar received indicated a very positive relationship between Morningstar and our distribution channel. The average satisfaction score from the responses of over 75 partners surveyed graded Morningstar’s overall performance as significantly better than that of other suppliers.

Attributing to the strong overall satisfaction were high grades associated with:

  • Product quality and reliability
  • On-time delivery
  • Support from account managers
  • Support from order processing representatives
  • Technical support

Several respondents inquired about new inverter-charger and MPPT controller products that are already well in-process and will be rolled out later in 2015. For over 20 years, Morningstar has maintained a consistent corporate strategy, distribution partnership, and loyal team of employees. While significant changes over the years have impacted many in the solar industry, Morningstar has enjoyed steady growth and is poised to provide the world’s leading solar controllers and off-grid inverters well into the future.