Morningstar is pleased to welcome Keam Seng as Operations Manager. Keam brings with her extensive global supply chain knowledge in the healthcare industry, having over a decade of experience in finance, sales, and business operations.

Prior to joining Morningstar, Keam served as Sr. Manager, Supply Chain Operations at Impulse Dynamics Inc. in Marlton, NJ and as Supply Chain Operations Manager at CenTrak, Inc. in Newtown PA. Her responsibilities there included overseeing the company’s overall supply chain, production planning, logistics strategy and operations, with the goals of continuous improvement in the areas of cost reduction and automation of customer service, order entry and fulfillment, warehousing, logistics, production and inventory optimization as well as accounting and financial analysis.

Keam lives in Philadelphia, PA and is based out of our headquarters office in Newtown, PA. Outside of work she enjoys traveling, hiking, camping, and playing badminton and pickleball with friends and family.