By Pete Thompson, Technical Support Services Manager

Exemplary customer support. Most companies that have customer support departments claim they provide this, but really, what is exemplary customer support? Is this something that you can proclaim on your own, and if so, what are the metrics? At Morningstar, we aren’t in the business of claiming to provide exemplary support; we believe our clients are the only ones that can make such a statement. What we can do is work extremely hard at providing support that we ourselves would expect to receive.

This starts with Morningstar having a corporate philosophy that customer support is a top priority, and really meaning it! It also means supporting anyone that is using our products, or considering using our products.

We make responding as fast as possible to our clients a top priority. We invest in continuing education for our staff to ensure they are well prepared to assist your needs. It means handling each request individually, listening to you and your unique situation, then providing custom tailored support, not just responding with pre-canned answers.

Our customers typically praise us for the high level of support we provide…we encourage you to ask around…and to ask about our competitors…we feel you will find Morningstar comes out on top. Great people, products, and support after the sale, that is what you can expect from Morningstar.