Morningstar’s “secret sauce” isn’t really a secret– it’s a set of product and engineering principles and values unique to our brand.

We start with an internal design and component layout to maximize performance, not economics. Next, we build in superior fanless thermal design to practically eliminate failure. Then we engineer our own proprietary software for faster, more agile performance. And finally we use significantly “over-spec” parts inside.

Better design and software- combined with our higher standards for component quality and mechanical engineering—is how we’ve set new standards for over 25 years, and, as a result, achieved the industry’s lowest hardware failure rate. The reason we can design and build products this way is that, as an employee-owned company, Morningstar is able to build for the long-term instead of a bottom line.

All this is why we’re happy to show you what’s inside a Morningstar. We’re confident that the deeper you look, the more you’ll agree with the leading solar installers and system designers who’ve made Morningstar “the solar charging experts.”

Watch our new short product videos:

TriStar/TriStar MPPT™ tour—take an inside look at the industry’s most iconic design, and while you’re in there learn about the “Tri” in TriStar.


SunSaver/SunSaver™ MPPT tour—get the inside story on “the industry’s most successful charge controller,” and learn what makes SunSaver ideal for use in hazardous locations that lesser controllers simply can’t touch.


ProStar MPPT™ tour—see what’s inside the core design that’s been proven in over two decades of use, in the world’s most demanding installations.