Morningstar is excited to announce that WeCo is the newest partner in our Energy Storage Partner Program (ESP). WeCo is an Italian manufacturer that designs and produces lithium batteries from the highest quality components. They have over 900 loyal customers in 42 countries and have developed one of the most advanced battery management systems (BMS), complete with active and passive equalizers and with real-time control on every single cell. 

As a result of the ESP Program, battery manufacturers’ products are able to work more efficiently with various energy storage companies to make operation as simple as possible. The ESP Program analyses performance and production of premium battery manufacturers and makes recommendations for best practices to assist battery producers in providing value and support to their customers. With this collaboration, Morningstar will supply WeCo with solutions for installers and developers to make products easy to use and efficient, and provide a results driven, controlled storage system. 

You can review the Morningstar Integration Guides with recommended charge settings at: