150W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Experience the power of pure, clean energy with the SureSine 150 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter. Designed for off-grid applications, this inverter is perfect for powering small appliances, electronics, and other devices in residential, rural electrification, RV, boating, or industrial applications.

The SureSine 150 Watt Inverter converts DC power from your solar panels or battery bank into AC power, the same type of power you get from the grid. This means you can use it to power your devices without worrying about damaging them.

But this is not just any inverter. The SureSine 150 Watt Inverter produces a pure sine wave, which is the cleanest and most reliable form of power. This ensures your devices run smoothly and efficiently, without any noise or interference.

With a power output of 150 watts, this inverter is ideal for small to medium-sized loads. Whether you’re charging your phone, running your laptop, or powering lights, the SureSine 150 Watt Inverter has you covered.

The inverter also features a robust design that can withstand extreme environments. It’s built to last, providing reliable power for years to come.

The new SureSine line expands our inverter offerings that started with the acclaimed SureSine Classic.  These new SureSines have:

  • Wireless Android and iOS utility apps for set-up and monitoring with remote devices, plus Bluetooth communications
  • Multiple AC hardwire remote terminal options on selected models
  • Industry leading safety, low-noise and high performance NRTL certifications for reliability and system conformance

The SureSine line uses industrial-grade build quality throughout, with models built around premium toroidal transformers for improved sinewave stability. It’s designed for the most demanding off-grid mission-critical installations and has:

  • Superior thermal performance with fanless design means higher reliability.  The 150W model doesn’t derate even at 60 C!  That’s outstanding performance in its power class.
  • Full communications capabilities include: RS485, USB, Ethernet, MS-CAN, Bluetooth while using industry-standard MODBUS protocol.

AC options include: hard-wire terminals for all markets and power levels, Type B for North America 150, 300, and 700W versions, and Universal for International 150, 300, and 700W versions.

Wireless Android and iOS mobile apps included for set-up and monitoring with remote devices.


Specifications and Certifications by Model

Power Output Models


*power derating at high ambient temperatures 40 C and above.
Rated Battery Voltage 12, 24 or 48V
Min. Battery Operating Voltage 10.5/21.0/42.0V
Max. Operating Battery Voltage 16.5/33.0/66.0V
Continuous Power@25C 150W
Power Surge @40C (<5 sec) 300W
1 minute Surge Power 225W
3 minute Surge Power 180W
Operating Temperature Range -40 C to +60C
Peak Efficiency 89/89/90%
Output Voltage Model Options 120/230V +/-5%
Output Frequency Options 50/60 Hz
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <2%
Self-Consumption (AC Output Off) <2.3W
Fanless natural convection cooling Yes
Operational Humidity Level 100%
RS485, MS-CAN Yes
USB, Ethernet No
Bluetooth, Android & iOS Apps Yes
IEC-62109-1, IEC 62109-2, IEC 62368-1 Yes
IEC/EN 61000, IEC/EN 55032, IEC/EN 55011 Yes
UL 1741 Yes
UL 458 (pending) Yes
CE/UKCA compliant Yes
Data Storage (4MB/5 years internal) Yes
IP Rating IP20
Manufactured in a Certified ISO 9001 Facility Yes
Warranty 5 Years
Key Features and Benefits

Inverter Functions: DC/AC conversion with pure sinewave

  • Superior industrial-grade product design and manufacturing
  • Engineered for system-level integration and communication with Morningstar charge controllers
  • Communication ports: RS485 USB, Ethernet, MS-CAN, Bluetooth while using industry-standard MODBUS protocol
  • Wireless Android and iOS utility apps included for set-up and monitoring with remote devices
  • AC hardwire terminal option available on selected models (all power ranges and frequencies)
  • Remote On/Off improves safety and enables control in inaccessible locations
  • Auxiliary Power Output (700-2500 W models) provides power for an EIA-485 bus or other small DC loads
  • Overbuilt, industrial-grade low-frequency transformer for improved sinewave stability
  • Fanless convection cooling with extruded aluminum heat sinking, for maximum efficiency and reliability
  • Status LEDs for both System and AC Sinewave output, to ensure reliable operation and notify of any system alerts
  • Industry leading safety, low-noise and high performance NRTL certifications for reliability and system conformance
  • Configuration can be achieved via manual DIP switch configuration or digitally programmable custom setpoints

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