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SureSine Power Panel

Inverter: SureSine

The attached photo is of a Tucker “Sno-Cat” panel which was modified to support computers and communications.  This vehicle recently completed the GRIT (Greenland Inland Traverse), covering over 1,400 miles on the Greenland ice cap. There is 170 watts of PV mounted to the roof of the Tucker which runs through a Morningstar charge controller to the vehicles heavy duty batteries.  Many of the loads were run off of straight DC to prevent any conversion losses.  The Morningstar inverter took care of the small AC loads (computers, etc.).  Since this vehicle towed the living module for the crew, more batteries were mounted along with the Morningstar inverter in the coach, so they could also have AC/DC power. Those batteries were in parallel to the vehicle batteries so all shared the loads and charging inputs.  This system bounced across the ice cap for a couple of months, getting cold soaked every night and heated up every day.  Never a problem developed, and the crew loved the system.  Photo Courtesy of Polar Field Services

Solar Suitcase Application

Application: Small solar
United States

Morningstar’s SunKeeper solar controller provides a low-cost, regulated output directly from the solar module to maximize battery life in small solar power applications. Here is the SunKeeper pictured in a solar suitcase, a portable power unit.

SunGuard Application


Morningstar’s SunGuard controller is a one module solar controller for professional and leisure markets.


Street Lighting in Nigeria


Solar power street lighting in Nigeria utilizing 36 wattt LPS powered by 200 watt 24 volt panel using SunLight 10 amp 24 volt controller.

Applications in Iran


Gahar area lighting, telecomm relay posts and home systems utlizing Morningstar SL10, SS-10, SS20L and PS-30 controllers. Gahar is only accessbile by horseback. It took three weeks to move equipment to this site. Customer is Iranian Environmental Protection Organization. Photo Courtesy of Gulf Solar Technologies

Colombia Off-Grid Home System

Application: Residential
SHS 10
Partners include:
Solar Plus, Super Fox

This off-grid solar home system in Colombia uses a Morningstar SHS 10 controller. The SHS is ideal for rural solar home systems in developing countries.

-Photo courtesy of Super Fox/Solar Plus