Deterring Birds in Hazardous Off-Grid Locations

Location: Persian Gulf Coast, Middle East
Year: 2000
Products: SunSaver SS-MPPT-15L controllers
System size: 200W with 12V or 24V, 120Ah battery banks
Partners include: JCE Energy

One of the many hazards unmanned offshore installations face in daily operation is that seabirds like to use them for roosting. Not only does the waste they produce impair the efficiency of solar modules, but it can also cause serious corrosion and continual shutdowns with material failures. The challenge lies in implementing a bird deterrence system that can continually operate without access to a source of power on board. That’s why two decades ago JCE Group successfully certified the world’s first Ex Solar Power Pod (SPP) consisting of a PV module, battery, and solar controller on a steel frame. Capable of powering bird deterrent devices, they are designed to continuously operate in hazardous locations and in the presence of flammable gasses and are ATEX-approved for Zone 1 and 2 areas for use in navigation aids, alarm systems, gas detection, bird scaring, camera surveillance, ship-to-shore communications
and more. The solution’s success prompted JCE to create a dedicated renewable energy division. Today, through JCE Energy, SPPs continue to provide solutions, thriving along with Morningstar controllers in extreme environments including desert, jungle, offshore and sub-zero climates.