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Remote Data Monitoring Featuring Connexa’s Noi and Morningstar Controllers

Morningstar Senior Product Manager, Brad Berwald joins Connexa President, Mike Postel in this webinar presentation that addresses several ways to establish off-grid data monitoring and communications. Attend this webinar to learn:

  • what system data and variables can be monitored
  • which charge controllers best facilitate remote communications
    and monitoring
  • communication protocols (MODBUS, Meterbus, HTTP/SNMP
  • how you can directly access solar controller information via MODBUS IP using Morningstar’s built-in communication ports
  • how you can proactively send this data to the cloud, with bundled​​​​​connectivity options through Connexa’s Noi IOT solution
  • troubleshooting based on the data you receive

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Past Recorded Webinars

Solar Powers the Digital Oilfield. Morningstar Powers Solar

This video provides an overview of the digital oilfield and how Morningstar solar charge controllers have been regulating power for cathodic protection, RTU’s, process control equipment, lighting, telecommunications, and other electrical loads at remote oil & gas sites throughout the world. New certifications for larger PWM and MPPT solar charge controllers enable greater capabilities and flexibility concerning remote power in Hazardous Locations (HazLoc).

What’s New About Off-Grid Solar in Hazardous Locations

Watch this joint webinar between SunWize and Morningstar to discover how new Hazardous Location certifications for solar charge controllers are impacting off-grid power systems at oil & gas sites.  The SunSaver MPPT, ProStar, and ProStar MPPT solar charge controllers have joined the Sunsaver PWM controller to achieve International, European, and North American certification markings (IECEx, ATEX, and UL/CSA).

This is a “game-changer” that provides hazardous locations throughout the world with:

  • Greater power from larger PWM AND MPPT charge controllers
  • More module configurations and array oversizing
  • Healthier batteries. AGMs are not throwaways!
  • Meter adjusted programmable settings
  • Lighting control in the hazard zone
  • Remote communications and data monitoring capabilities

Remote Critical Power for the Digital Oilfield: Using Solar in Hazardous Locations

The Morningstar Team presents off-grid solar solutions for oil and gas sites during this webinar hosted by North American Oil & Gas Pipelines. (more…)

Addressing Rural Broadband ROI Challenges

Join our panel of experts from Ceragon Networks, Zurich Technology Solutions, and Morningstar Corporation to find out how to overcome the stresses of expanding connectivity into rural and remote communities. You will learn about:

  • An end-to-end solution that addresses rural broadband requirements
  • Gaining a multi-gigabit network at an affordable price point
  • How to get fast and easy ‘Secure Power’ to rural sites
  • The importance of resilience and reliability with an always-on network
  • Operating with a multi-band approach to gain distance and capacity as needed
  • Empowering sustainability with responsible innovation

Over 80 Years of Combined Energy Storage Success with UPG and Morningstar

View this recorded webinar to learn why UPG should be at the top of your list—and why Morningstar charge controllers are the best way to ensure you protect that investment and get the most out of it. You’ll learn about:

  • UPGs diverse battery portfolio for any conceivable application
  • Fundamental differences you need to consider between sealed lead-acid and LFP (lithium iron-phosphate) chemistries
  • Climate considerations when implementing LFP batteries in a system
  • Field testing results of LFP battery deployment
  • Setting up UPG batteries with Morningstar controllers

Solar Powering the “Power” in Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Solarflexion, Solar System Services, and Morningstar present the WAVE PoE system and its advanced, ultra-efficient technology which allows users to install and operate PoE devices in locations where electricity is either non-existent or limited. View this webinar, to learn:

  • What is PoE?
  • Required components
  • PoE loads
  • Advantages in various applications
  • Deployment, maintenance and troubleshooting

Solar Systems for RV & Marine

Solarflexion and Solar System Services join the Morningstar Team to present off-grid solar solutions for RV Caravans, Boating, and Marine applications. View this recorded webinar to learn about:

  • WAVE RV/Marine Kits
  • System design
  • Module tilting
  • Charge controller choices
  • Troubleshooting
  • System maintenance

Monitoring Off Grid Solar Systems with Morningstar and Zabbix

Monitoring just got better with Morningstar and Zabbix open-source software. View the recording of this joint webinar to learn how to:

  • Monitor charge current, battery voltage, temperature and other metrics in your remote off-grid systems
  • Receive email and SMS notifications about potential system problems
  • Easily scale monitoring of small, medium or large number of off-grid systems
  • Improve trouble-shooting response time and resolution
  • Create customized dashboards, graphs, and rich visualization capabilities
  • Leverage free open-source Zabbix and its community support

Advanced Lithium Storage Made Simple by Fortress Power and Morningstar

Fortress Power joins the Morningstar Team to talk about deploying lithium batteries in off-grid solar systems. Fortress offers a full line of lithium battery products to provide long lasting, reliable power for large and small residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Register for this joint webinar presented by Fortress Power and Morningstar to learn about:

  • Fundamental advantages of lithium storage technology, and the different chemistries available
  • Review of solar charging technologies
  • Overcoming “lithium anxiety” with customers
  • Pre-programmed settings for easy integration of a lithium-based storage system, or upgrading an existing solar system to lithium
  • And much more