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Grounding Off-Grid Systems

Morningstar’s Roy Butler and Brad Berwald present this special topic webinar that caters to those with at least an intermediate level of understanding of off-grid systems and grounding, but all levels are invited to participate. Attendees will learn:

  • Why grounding is so important
  • The difference between grounding and bonding
  • Insulation and connection considerations
  • Ground fault detection and ground fault protection
  • Earthing best practices
  • Preventing corrosion of ground connections
  • Surge protection
  • Shared communication grounds

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Past Recorded Webinars

The New EcoPulse Solar Charge Controller

View this webinar to learn about Morningstar’s new EcoPulse solar charge controller. The EcoPulse is a pulse width modulation (PWM) controller designed for off-grid residential and leisure consumer applications outside of the US and Canada. Throughout the presentation you will learn about the controller’s:

  • Adjustable charge settings
  • Low voltage disconnect
  • Lighting control
  • Environmental protections
  • LED indicators
  • Interactive meters
  • Charge and battery ratings

New ProStar™ Gen 3 PWM Solar Charge Controller

Morningstar’s new third generation ProStar PWM solar controller includes upgraded features while maintaining the same quality and footprint of previous models that have been installed in the world’s harshest environments since 1995. Join this webinar to learn about the new capabilities of this product including:

  • Enhanced custom programming via dip switches, meter, or computer
  • RJ-11 MeterBus port for serial MODBUS data or to add a remote meter
  • Lighting control
  • Up to 256 days of data logging
  • External RTS sensor terminal on the controller face
  • Protective terminal cover
  • Improved surge rating for heavy DC loads
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Low voltage load disconnect
  • Settings & firmware updates via meter
  • Compliance with IEC 62109
  • High resolution graphical display of system settings and metrics

Off Grid Battery & Charge Controller Best Practices

Trojan Battery and Morningstar have been supplying battery and solar charge controller solutions for a wide variety of global off-grid applications for several decades. View this special joint webinar to learn more about best practices and years of shared industry experience regarding:

  • Charge controller choices
  • Adjusting battery charging settings
  • Remote monitoring of battery metrics
  • Data logging
  • Battery basics and maintenance
  • Flooded, AGM and Gel batteries
  • Ideal applications

Morningstar’s New Ethernet MeterBus Converter

View this recorded webinar to learn about the new Ethernet MeterBus Converter which enables the addition of IP based network and internet connectivity to any Morningstar product that features an existing MeterBus port (RJ-11). You will hear about:

  • Remote configuration of controller settings
  • IP based MODBUS connectivity for remote communication and control
  • Displays of system status & log data directly from the EMC-1 to a webpage.

New ProStar MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Learn about the New ProStar MPPT Solar Charge Controller from Morningstar. You will hear about lighting control, data logging and other capabilities and how you can adjust controller settings through the meter interface of this mid-range MPPT controller.

Retrofitting Grid-tied Systems with Battery Backup Using The TriStar MPPT 600V Controller With DC Transfer Switch

View this recorded webinar to learn how the New TriStar 600V Charge Controller with DC Transfer Switch can be deployed with other components to retrofit existing grid-tied systems with battery backup power. The costs and benefits of this Direct DC Transfer Charging Solution are compared to other solutions such as AC Coupling. You will see why this internationally recognized product and application is scalable, easy to install, and represents the lowest cost of entry for battery backup in existing grid-tied systems.

Using The Right Charge Controller For Maximum Power

This joint webinar between Morningstar and Sunwize Power and Battery provides information about several different Morningstar PWM and MPPT charge controllers that are used in a variety of different off-grid solar applications including Oil & Gas, Telecom, and Traffic Monitoring. The presenters also make key points about efficiency specifications, TRAKSTAR MPPT Technology, and the importance of good system design.

Solar Lighting Applications and Training

Russell Borum, Sr. Account Manager with Morningstar shares his experience working on solar lighting applications throughout the world. During the webinar you will learn about: Different applications of solar lighting, choosing the right charge controller and programming an MPPT controller for lighting.

Update on Morningstar’s TriStar MPPT 600V Solar Charge Controller and GFPD

This recorded webinar provides information about Morningstar’s TriStar MPPT 600V Charge Controller and Ground Fault Protection Device including: Efficiency ratings and product specifications, Reliability and quality factors that differentiate Morningtar’s products from others, MODBUS communications, Best practices concerning ground fault protection, and Use Cases. The Q&A session at the end of the webinar featured lively discussions about alternatives to AC coupling, ground fault detection, and string sizing.