Responding to demand from top solar system designers and installers, Morningstar unveils its comprehensive new line of SureSine industrial-grade off-grid inverters

February 14, 2023: Intersolar North America, Long Beach, CA. — With nearly 30 years of experience building industry-leading solar controllers behind it, Morningstar Corporation announced its long-anticipated expansion into the rest of the solar electric system chain with a complete line of new off-grid inverters. The SureSine Series takes its place alongside the company’s renowned charge controller portfolio, giving solar installers the ability to keep their systems “all Morningstar” with no weak links in the component chain.

The new SureSine DC-AC inverter line consists of six primary models, from 150W to 2500W, with 120, 127 or 230V output, 50 or 60Hz AC frequency, and 12, 24 or 48V DC input options. That wide range of choices, along with multiple AC terminal options, results in a total of some 70+ SureSine variations capable of providing remote power in mission-critical solar electric systems around the globe.

The new SureSine inverters are in production and shipping. Complete product and technical information here:

“At first, it might seem like a crowded field in which to introduce six more off-grid inverters,” noted Morningstar CEO Lee Gordon. “But the difference is that these are ‘the Morningstar of inverters.’ That’s not some slogan we made up— rather, those are exactly the words our customers use when telling us what they need to match the quality of our charge controllers and design even better solar electric systems. With over four million products already sold in over 100 countries, we’re confident that there’s no shortage of applications for Morningstar inverters alongside our controllers.”

Added Jim McGrath, Morningstar Director of Sales, “We went all-in with SureSine, to make the line the opposite of ‘me-too’ thinking. We started with industrial-grade build quality as a given, since so many Morningstar users are in that league. SureSines are built around premium toroidal transformers for improved sinewave stability. We also made sure to include two hallmark Morningstar engineering features: fanless design and high efficiency. Next we added full communications capabilities, including USB, Ethernet, EIA-485, CANBUS, and Bluetooth for wireless communications, and Android and iOS utility apps for set-up and monitoring SureSine inverters with remote devices.”

Continued McGrath, “Finally, we secured industry-leading NRTL certification as well as meeting all relevant CE and UL requirements. After all, our solar controllers are already standard equipment in rural telecom, oil & gas, security, large-scale rural electrification projects, and other applications where failure isn’t an option. We made sure the new SureSines live up to our long-established reputation.”

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