Morningstar’s ProStar MPPT solar charge controller has been chosen as an ees Award 2016 Finalist.  The ees AWARD honors innovative products and solutions in systems that involve electrical energy storage.

The ProStar MPPT was the only solar charge controller to achieve this distinction in 2016. The following innovative and technologically advanced characteristics and features of the ProStar MPPT helped differentiate this product from other submissions:

  • Compliance with new IEC62109 safety standards
  • Custom programming capabilities in the field without the need of a computer
  • Advanced self-diagnostics to warn against installation errors
  • Up to 256 days of data logging
  • Low-noise design to meet US Federal Communications Commission Class B specifications
  • MODBUS communications capabilities
  • Extruded aluminum heatsink
  • Automatic PV based lighting control
  • Temperature foldback provision to support lithium battery charging

The ProStar MPPT featured in this brief video will be on display with other Morningstar products at the MREA Fair, Intersolar Europe, Solar Power International, and other events throughout the year. We look forward to seeing you at these events and we invite you to contact us at if you have questions about any of our new or legacy products.