ReadyRelay adds advanced load control and signaling functionality to any compatible system.  Once installed, it initiates dry contact signals and alarm conditions.  No additional configuration or connections are required.  It automatically activates, is recognized, and ready to go immediately after being snapped into a ReadyRail-equipped Morningstar product.

Part of the ReadyBlock suite of add-on–yet built-in–functionality available in Morningstar “host” components featuring the ReadyRail expansion system.  

  • “Add-on” in the sense that ReadyBlocks can be integrated into a system at any time, either on inception or later as needs arise  
  • “Built-in” because once added, ReadyBlocks become part of the host component, seamless integrated into both its hardware and software

Model number: RB-RELAY

Works with GenStar MPPT Fully-Integrated DC Solar Charger



Key Features and Benefits
  • Provides (2) dry contacts for alarms, to drive larger loads, genstart, vent fans etc.
  • Toggle relays based on real-time operating variables, time-based schedules, manual control, or other programmatic methods.
  • Seamlessly integrates with the host product Automatic Generator Start feature to add signaling capability.
  • The relays are replaceable – no service calls to the manuf to have them replace a whole board because the contacts got damaged. They are even accessible from the top, so the user doesn’t need to remove the ReadyBlock from the rail to access.

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