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Remote Data Monitoring Featuring Connexa’s Noi and Morningstar Controllers

Morningstar Senior Product Manager, Brad Berwald joins Connexa President, Mike Postel in this webinar presentation that addresses several ways to establish off-grid data monitoring and communications. Attend this webinar to learn:

  • what system data and variables can be monitored
  • which charge controllers best facilitate remote communications
    and monitoring
  • communication protocols (MODBUS, Meterbus, HTTP/SNMP
  • how you can directly access solar controller information via MODBUS IP using Morningstar’s built-in communication ports
  • how you can proactively send this data to the cloud, with bundled​​​​​connectivity options through Connexa’s Noi IOT solution
  • troubleshooting based on the data you receive

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Past Recorded Webinars

GenStar MPPT DC Solar Charging System Overview & LiveView Demo

See a real field system specification example involving GenStar MPPT–the Industry’s first fully-integrated Solar DC System Controller in a remote industrial application that addresses:

  • Configuration of external source control for equipment such as generators or fuel cells and integrating that power into your total system view
  • Battery interface and charge settings including support for direct communications with lithium battery BMS systems
  • Multi-tier prioritized load control with scheduling
  • Aux system control functions
  • Data Logging capabilities
  • Remote communication and control

Upgrading your critical projects with Morningstar’s new SureSine inverters

Learn the differences in inverter design, and the key features that make an inverter “industrial grade” for higher-end remote powering applications. The new SureSines will enable solar professionals to build “all Morningstar” systems with no weak links. you’ll learn about:

  • What makes an inverter industrial-grade, and the typical applications in which they’re called for
  • Communications features for remote monitoring, control, and integration into industrial control systems through open standards.
  • Device Configuration and real-time display of system performance with the mobile app, using the Bluetooth link
  • Thermal performance and temperature ratings for use in extreme climates and industrial system enclosures
  • Everything to know about application-specific product certifications and requirements
  • AC Outlet choices for a variety of global markets, as well as wiring options for professional installations
  • Powerful integration options with Morningstar products to offer additional control and system-level functionality

Morningstar’s Newest Innovations – SureSine & GenStar MPPT

Join Solar Builder Magazine and Morningstar to learn more about designing for success in off-grid solar installations, in this special webinar covering the new SureSine off-grid inverters and the new GenStar MPPT DC charging solution.  Make sure to listen to the recording in its entirety, including the Q&A session at the end.

Get Ready for Off-Grid Success, With the Newest Innovations by the Off-Grid Experts

Join Solar Power World and Morningstar to learn more about designing for success in off-grid solar installations, in this special webinar on “Refining the Off-Grid Inverter… and reimagining the Solar Controller.”  This webinar features the new SureSine off-grid inverters and the GenStar MPPT DC charging system.

How Solar Module Trends Are Disrupting Off-Grid System Design

Watch this joint webinar between SunWize and Morningstar to learn how module manufacturing trends are now impacting off-grid system design/costs more than ever. While new modules generate more power and support larger loads, they also affect decisions and choices concerning the mounting systems, charge controllers, breakers, and other balance of system components.

Grounding Off-Grid Systems

Grounding is one of the most necessary but least understood subjects in the electrical industry because it involves mechanical, electrical, and even metallurgical aspects which make it a very complex one.  Watch and learn:

  • Why grounding is so important
  • The difference between grounding and bonding
  • Ground fault detection and ground fault protection
  • Preventing corrosion of ground connections.
  • Surge protection

Off-Grid Solar Power for Traffic Management

Morningstar and SunWize Power & Battery co-presented this webinar about off-grid solar power solutions for transportation and traffic applications.  View the recording to learn about:

  • Types of solar powered electrical loads including warning signs, traffic signals, flashers, gates, and general lighting
  • Traffic enclosures and components
  • Prebuilt kits that make powering traffic management easier
  • System requirements and certifications
  • Impact of the new Infrastructure and Jobs Act (HR-3684)

Remote Critical Power for the Digital Oilfield featuring JCE Energy

JCE Energy joins the Morningstar team to share how they help provide critical off-grid power for remote digital oilfields. Join this webinar to learn about:

  • Turnkey solutions for off-grid powering of SCADA equipment, lighting, and cathodic protection
  • Hazardous Location certifications (HAZLOC)
  • Off-grid oil & gas site case studies
  • Remote monitoring

Solar Hybrid Fuel Cells for Remote Critical Power Applications

SFC Energy joins the Morningstar Team to share how their solar hybrid fuel cells are used to power remote telecom, mining, and other critical systems.  Register for this webinar to learn about EFOY fuel cells, solar arrays, charge controllers and other key components that make up a fuel cell solar hybrid system.  You will also learn about:

  • A quiet, green alternative to a genset (ESG Friendly Option)
  • A proven extremely reliable source of off-grid power
  • The components that make up a solar hybrid fuel cells system
  • Remote monitoring and data logging of battery voltages and solar vs. fuel usage
  • Competitive total cost of ownership
  • Examples of successful deployments in telecom and mining applications
  • Why these Hybrid systems are easy to deploy and maintain
  • The SFC Energy portfolio of solutions for a variety of deployments