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The New 4kW MultiWave™

The Morningstar Inverter/Charger family establishes a new benchmark for battery based inverters. Its innovative  design delivers more power with less weight, and achieves peak efficiency in excess of 95% across a wide load range. Designed for a global marketplace, the 4 kW Inverter/Charger family of products includes 120V, 120/240V,  and 230V AC versions.

The family is designed for flexibility and ease of installation and each inverter includes a high resolution display which allows programming and data access.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Off-grid, UPS, and Solar Priority modes
  • Passively cooled (no fans), full power to 40C
  • Ultra-wide input voltage and frequency range
  • Sine wave smoothing and power factor correction helps clean up “dirty” AC power.
  • Easy commissioning via built in meter
  • New weight class allows one person mounting
  • Automated generator control
  • Open MODBUS Communications