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Professional Series

Professional Series

Our core product offering is the industry’s reference standard and the first choice of leading solar professionals. The Professional Series represents the highest level of performance and reliability, complemented with a broad cross-section of accessories. Legendary reliability and performance, and standard equipment in mission-critical off-grid projects. With over 4 million sold, proven in over 100 countries and under the most challenging conditions, the Professional Series covers a broad spectrum of system sizes and applications, and includes the most comprehensive line of HazLoc-rated products in its power class.

“Professional Series charge controllers and off-grid inverters have been the preferred choice for off-grid Telecom, Oil & Gas, Lighting, Security Surveillance, Mining, and other industrial, commercial, and residential applications since 1993.”

Charge controllers in the Professional Series have a five year warranty. Products in this series are offered globally and include:

Professional Series controllers and inverters and their popular accessories.