Solar for Residential Applications

For over 20 years Morningstar has been supplying solar charge controllers to regulate batteries in off-grid residential applications.  Morningstar controllers dissipate heat without using fans or other moving parts that are noisy and prone to failure. The following additional capabilities and features make Morningstar the ideal choice to regulate power in cabins, remote homes, and other off-grid dwellings:

  1. Auto recovery without fuses
  2. Wide operating temperatures
  3. Load control
  4. Reverse polarity
  5. Self-diagnostics
  1. Transient surge protection
  2. Email alerts
  3. Multi-stage battery charging
  4. Ease of installation

Below are examples of Morningstar controllers that are most commonly used in off-grid residential systems:

Solar Charge Controller Specifications
TriStar MPPT 600V 60A, 600Voc
TriStar MPPT 30A, 45A, 60A, 150Voc
ProStar MPPT 25A, 40A, 120Voc
SunSaver MPPT 15A, 75Voc
TriStar PWM 45A, 60A
ProStar PWM 15A, 30A
SunSaver Duo 25A


Please also check out accessories such as remote temperature sensors, meters, MeterBus adapters, Relay Drivers, and Din Rail clips by clicking here.

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