Solar for Telecommunications Applications

For 25 years Morningstar has been supplying solar charge controllers to regulate batteries in off-grid telecommunications projects throughout the world.  Oftentimes solar power is used to complement diesel generator and wind power at these telecommunications sites. Morningstar’s low noise design and proven reliability under extreme temperature and environmental conditions, make it the preferred choice for systems that are often located in hard to access remote areas that need power for:

  1. Repeater Stations
  2. Base transmission stations
  3. Two-way radio
  4. Telephone exchanges
  1. Rural telephony
  2. VSAT’s
  3. Satellite earth stations.

Watch the recorded webinar to see how Morningstar solar controllers are used in a variety of off-grid telecommunications applications throughout the world.

Below are examples of Morningstar controllers that are most commonly used in off-grid telecommunications systems:

Solar Charge Controller Meets US FCC Class B specifications
TriStar MPPT 600V Yes
TriStar MPPT Yes
TriStar PWM Yes
ProStar No

Please also check out accessories such as remote temperature sensors, meters, MeterBus adapters, Relay Drivers, and Din Rail clips by clicking here.

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